Linda Hesh makes objects printed with statements that she photographs for her artwork. She invites you to join in this series by purchasing her art products. Use a mug for your coffee or make your own art installation with a group of mugs. Or give a printed object to someone and send them a message.
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  Desolation Coffee Mugs $20
The same 8 statements as on the doorknob hangers on ceramic mugs. These are made in 2 different styles: either the type is large and wraps around the mug (shout it out) or the type is small and blue on one side (a quiet cry). These are sent from the company that prints the mugs.

White Liberal Products $20 - $30
Relieve your white liberal guilt (or give somebody else a message) with mugs, t-shirts, tote bags or a poster printed with "I Like Black People", "I Like Brown People", or "I Like Yellow People." These are sent from the company that prints them.

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